About Us

About Us

Our Story

Commoditize Banking Software

As a team, we started with a simple premise, that banking systems are, or should be, closer to a flexible and scalable commodity than a bespoke suit. Keeping them as bespoke meant cost drivers would exclude billions of people on the planet from financial services.

A New Model for Banking

The vendor model - we observed in 2002 - was broken in microfinance, the sector we started in. “Inch deep and globally dispersed” as one vendor put it. At this level, we also noticed an important thing: building for low resource setting and the lowest cost of ownership was vital to the financial sector overall.

We’ve seen banks with grand plans scuttled because their software could not scale or the license fees were too inflexible to accommodate a much lower average return per customer.

Our Approach

Rich Developer Ecosystem

Along the way we’ve been joined by many people, who’ve helped build an active developer community around the open source projects we’ve spawned.

Our approach

Secured in the Cloud

We know we can bring the solution to a secure cloud hosting environment because we’re doing it already. While productizing and integrating our several open source projects in a stack is challenging, it is a worthy mountain to climb, or… river to cross.

Our approach

Open from the Core

We are a commercial open source project and the upstream contribution models enabled by CI/CD and quality assurance reviews is at our core. We contribute upstream so that downstream there exists a rich alluvial plain.


James Dailey

Chief Executive Officer
James Dailey is a founding member and Chief Executive Officer of BaaSFlow.

Edward Cable

Chief Product Officer
Edward Cable is a founding member and Chief Product Officer of BaaSFlow.

Istvan Molnar

Chief Technology Officer
Istvan Molnar is a founding member and Chief Technology Officer of BaaSFlow.

Godfrey Kutumela

Chief Risk & Trust Officer
Godfrey Kutumela is a founding member and Chief Risk & Trust Officer of BaaSFlow.

Axel Winters

Independent Board Member
Axel Winters serves on multiple Boards and was the past Global Chief Architect and Head of IT Strategy at Standard Charter. He is involved in building new eCommerce and Banking ventures across much of South Asia.

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