Banking Infrastructure in the Cloud

From building blocks and developer-friendly APIs to end to end solutions for banking and payments, we deliver commoditized core banking infrastructure in the cloud powered by open source primitives.

Banking Transformation

As the financial services landscape shift to meet digital-first consumer demands, banking entities of all sizes and operational forms have an acute need to digitize and digital transform to stay nimble, agile, and innovate rapidly.

Core Migration

Gradually or completely replace your legacy systems with a modernized, api-driven, composable stack in the cloud.

Innovation Layer

Use our system as more lightweight, developer-friendly innovation layer that sits in parallel to your existing core.

Parallel System of Record

Adopt our system as a lower cost, more composable system of record for lower-value retail customers or digital-only consumers.

Greenfield Operations

Neobanks and digital branches, adopt a modern system of record that is composable, API-driven, and cloud-ready from Day 1, freeing yourselves from the burdens of legacy infrastructure and license fees.

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Embedded Finance

The need for an embedded system of record is widespread across not just the financial services & fintech sector but consumer-facing retail sector at large. Any entity looking to embed financial services (wallets/payments, loans, savings, insurance, etc) can consume our managed services to deliver the embedded financial services experience their customers seek.

Direct to Consumer Fintechs

Consumers are seeking innovative and immersive financial services where and when they need them the most. Focus on delighting them with a captivating user experience by leverage our building block infrastructure to power your innovation.

Fintech Infrastructure as a Service

Focus on building your complete end to end banking as a service or embedded lending solution by leveraging our hosted open source primitives for your core infrastructure.

Telcos & Platfins

Transform and accelerate your revenue streams through marketplace and platform-driven business models by delivering adjacent financial services on top of your digital rails or platform ecosystems.

Retail Brands

In this era, every company can and will be a fintech. Our platform brings down all the technology barriers, equipping you to embed any financial product or service in your solution or application with ease.

Payment Orchestration

Our payment orchestration services equip you with the agility to keep pace with the evolution of payments whether it’s cross-border remittances, real-time payments, central bank digital currencies open banking and open financing powered by PISP and third party APIs. You won’t be left behind.

Real Time Payments

No matter your size, you should be able to participate in real-time payment systems. We equip your institution with the capabilities to test, integrate with, and participate effectively in a modern payments ecosystem.

Mobile Money Integration

Seamlessly integrate with any mobile money API, offering your customers the freedom, security, and convenience of fully digital banking.

Open Banking

Market and regulatory-driven open finance & banking policies are dramatically shaping the landscape of consumer financial services. Seamlessly connect to or enable your own third party fintech ecosystems with our orchestration engine and APIs.


Stablecoins and CBDCs are the next wave of innovation in monetary policy and money movement. Leverage our Glide engine as a gateway between the fiat and digital worlds.

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