Apache Fineract(R) is the open-source backend banking platform used by institutions around the world. Initially designed for use by small banks, small scale lending organizations, and credit unions, the platform has been transformed by our team in recent years to be the most scalable lending System of Record (SOR) in the industry.

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The Fineract platform is based on java technology and native backend database support includes Postgres, mysql, and mariaDB. In combination with our expertise in cloud optimization, the fineract deployment concept we have pioneered can scale to any level we’ve seen. Fineract is API driven, flexible, extensible. 

Our team of developers are the most frequent and significant contributors to the Apache Fineract(R) open source project by a long mile and we share our insights with the community of users on a regular basis.   This makes us the natural group to work with when you want to handle a highly complex use case or do something world changing.   

Meet the people behind one of the most revolutionary banking cores.   BaaSFlow’s platform is powered by Fineract.